Members & Advisors

Membership to the OPWG is free, although annual membership dues to the OIPC are requested. The OPWG has two types of memberships, non-voting and voting. Non-voting members have opted to be involved in an advisory capacity, but may participate on sub-committees and assist with action items. Voting members will have an opportunity to vote on items according to the guidelines in our Terms of Reference. They are also able to participate on sub-committees and assist with action items.

What is the Role of voting members?

  • Be knowledgeable about invasive Phragmites and its impacts and/or management
  • Actively provide support and direction regarding governance, funding, projects and activities of the OPWG
  • Identify and bring forth new issues and opportunities
  • Respond to critical issues as necessary, in a timely matter
  • Respect the needs of the other sectors, as well as the general public interests, and work towards consensus in group business
  • Identify the need for committees
  • Monitor the success of the OPWG initiatives
  • Represent the range of ideas and concerns from members within their sector

What is the role of non-voting (advisory) members?

Non-voting members are representatives from key provincial and/or federal government sectors, as well as others who have demonstrated leadership but would prefer to play an advisory role. As members, they are expected to fulfill the role and abide by the standards that are described above. Non-voting members do not have voting rights, in order to avoid what could be seen as conflicts of interest.

Organizations that are represented within the OPWG:

Interested in becoming a member or an advisory member?
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