2017 Phragmites Control Program – Leamington

Project Lead

Lu-Ann Marentette

Project Type


Location of the Project

The entire Municipality of Leamington

Geographic Scope of the Project

Approximately 80 kms

Latitude and Longitude

42.0532, 82.5999

Current or Future Monitoring Details

In 2016 We created 3 types of projects:
1. Spray only 2. Cut wait spray 3. Wetblade technology

Challenges and/or Lessons Learned

We found that the spray only and the cut wait and spray worked much better then the wetblade technology. In 2017 we saw dead phrag with the spray only and cut wait and spray. The majority of the dead phrag was still standing so we plan on going back and cut down the dead phrag in hopes that natural grass will grow in place. Wetblade results in 2017.. Phrag still in full bloom and have grown more within the area. Therefore the 2017 program will only consist of Spray only.

For more information

Lu-Ann Marentette

Location Map