Severn Sound Phragmites

Project Lead

Michelle Hudolin

Project Type

Education and Management

Location of the Project

Severn Sound

Geographic Scope of the Project

Severn Sound and area

Latitude and Longitude

44.749516 -79.892192

Current or Future Monitoring Details

In 2017, Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) implemented the SSEA Invasive Species pilot program, supporting municipalities and maximizing opportunities for success in preventing, detecting, managing, monitoring, and communicating about invasive species. This program focuses on a wide range of invasive species. Phragmites related work includes mapping of phragmites stands throughout Severn Sound, managing two phragmites demonstration sites utilizing the spade technique and the cut and drown methods to remove aboveground biomass, and educating the public on proper identification and best management practices.

Challenges and/or Lessons Learned

Challenges include building management into future work plans, engaging a wide range of volunteers for removal events, and securing funding for the invasive species program.

For more information

Anna McClymont

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